Spyderco’s new Matriarch2 Emerson Opener combines extreme cutting power with the high-speed deployment capability of the Emerson Opening device. The result is an exceptionally capable tactical folding knife that is ideal for personal-defense and utility use.

The Matriarch2 traces its lineage to one of Spyderco’s oldest and most unique designs: the C12 Civilian. Developed in response to a request from a U.S. federal law enforcement agency, the Civilian was designed as a potent personal-defense weapon for undercover narcotics officers operating without firearms. It featured a sinuous Reverse “S” edge profile that replicates the mechanics of an animal’s claw to generate extreme cutting force.

In the late 1990’s, Spyderco mated the Civilian’s revolutionary blade design with the fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) handle of the popular Endura model to create the Matriarch and, in 2012, the Matriarch2. The new Matriarch2 Emerson Opener continues this amazing evolution.

The blade of the Matriarch2 is hollow ground from VG-10 stainless steel and features the signature Reverse “S” edge profile of the classic Civilian. Above the trademark Spyderco Round Hole it features a small integral hook known as an Emerson Opener. Developed and patented by renowned custom knifemaker Ernest Emerson, this unique device hooks on the lip of the pocket as the knife is drawn to automatically open the blade as the knife clears the pocket.

To ensure a secure grip, the Matriarch2 features an injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle with Bi-Directional Texturing™. Skeletonized stainless steel liners and a sturdy back lock mechanism guarantee structural strength, while screw-together construction and phosphor-bronze pivot washers ensure maximum precision and smooth operation. MSRP $144.95

For more information visit www.spyderco.com

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  • The best advantage is that training done with karambit will transfer easy to this knife.