Since 2007, Mike Calloway has been hosting the U.S. National Steel Championship at the Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club, located near the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, Florida. Its eight stages are designed to force each competitor to shoot as quickly and as accurately as possible—only hits count.

At her first major match since joining Team HK and using her HK P30S pistol, Maria Harbin demonstrated superb consistency from shot to shot. Team Captain Jason Koon, also utilizing a P30S, dominated the stages with rapid hits.

Over 50 competitors shot for two days in typically mixed Florida weather, which ranged from bright sun to hard rain. The main prizes: the titles of Main Centerfire and Steel Master champions.

For Maria’s personal take on the challenges and live-saving applications of competitive shooting, round up a copy of August Combat Handguns, due to hit stores May 7.

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