No one wants to be a victim. Whether the aggressor is an attacker, robber or home invader, you need to be ready for anything imaginable. Preventing victimization is what the armed and trained American citizen is all about, and dedicating yourself to that end will reduce your risk.

I long ago accepted full responsibility for my family’s and my own personal safety. That is the first step, and I am the first line of defense. This is an important concept to grasp and accept. As a veteran law enforcement officer, I understand the delay in the response time of my brothers and sisters in blue. Believe me, officers want to get to your aid quickly, but with most agencies currently understaffed it may be minutes until responding officers arrive. The time between your first 911 call and law enforcement’s arrival on scene will require you to hold off or stop a violent suspect’s actions. We anticipate and cooperate with responding officers, but we cannot count on them to arrive in time to stop a deadly threat in progress.

G19 Defense

My protection duties extend to my daughters, son-in-law and grandchildren when I am with them, as well as my lovely wife. A GLOCK 19 and two spare magazines fulfill that protection responsibility. Stoked with reliable ammunition, which has proven sufficient for stopping thugs in multiple shootings in my city, my G19 has run through many thousands of rounds without one hitch. Now this is an important point: A self-defense handgun, regardless of being carried concealed or stored at a house, must be functionally reliable. In countless classes and training programs as both a student and an instructor, the G19 has functioned flawlessly.

Yes, I could carry larger-caliber GLOCK pistols or the higher-capacity G17, but I chose and continue to carry the G19 on and off-duty. On-duty in uniform, I carry the G19 in a BlackHawk Serpa Level 3 duty holster. On-duty while in my Training Bureau attire, I carry my GLOCK 19 in the Serpa plainclothes rig attached to my belt.

I’m partial to white lights on my on- and off-duty pistols. As an instructor, I’ve run low-light pistol courses and have seen the distinct advantages of weapon-mounted lights versus those handheld. Yes, the armed citizen carrying concealed and home defenders must have both, but the accuracy potential as well as the ability to run the handgun with one hand clearly illustrates the advantages of a light mounted on your GLOCK. Several years ago I had the opportunity to test both the GLOCK GTL 10 and the GTL 21. I found both designs well suited for home defense. The GTL 21 also includes a red laser. Originally thought of as a gimmick, red lasers from GLOCK and other manufacturers have proven to be a powerful deterrent to criminal suspects (the red dot is a precise indicator of where the bullet will hit them should they not take the hint) as well as an aid for all shooters, but especially those with aging eyes. A white light can help a homeowner navigate though their homes, locate potential threats and properly identify threats, and if needed, aid in accurate fire on target. Even when ensconced in a bedroom or other room while awaiting the police response, a white light can perform all of these functions well.

In addition, a good weapon-mounted white light or handheld flashlight can disorient a suspect. While running shooters in force-on-force drills using marking cartridges from Simunitions or airsoft pistols, it is amazing how effective working behind a “wall of light” can be for the citizen or police officer.

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  • Boron

    This article is pointless. So you like the G19. Wonderful. Who cares. 9MM is a crappy round.