At a time when opportunistic politicians seek to reduce the capability of law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, it is useful to look at documented cases in which firearms of substantial cartridge capacity have saved the lives of law-abiding citizens.

Consider Case One, picked from the files of the late, great gun expert Colonel Jeff Cooper. The home of one of his graduates was invaded by a death squad sent to assassinate him. He only had time to reach for a Browning Hi-Power. Introduced in 1935 by the Belgian firm of Fabrique Nationale, this was designed to hold 13 9mm Luger cartridges in its magazine with one more in the chamber.

According to Cooper, his student was grateful for every one of those cartridges in the course of the running gunfight that followed. Unable to access another firearm or spare ammunition, the Hi-Power’s capacity was just enough and he survived.

Read more in the August 2013 Issue of Combat Handguns

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