There is something very personal about picking out a new carry gun. You will be spending a lot of time with your pistol, so it must be comfortable. There is a big difference between when you put it in the holster first thing in the morning and later, when it’s been there for 15 hours. Little things that you think you can ignore become very big things as the day moves on. Comfort is important because most people will find excuses not to carry an uncomfortable handgun, or they will replace it with a little gun because it’s lightweight and small.

It’s important to remember that you are carrying this gun because you may have to use it to defend your life or the lives of others. Sure, the little pocket pistol, mouse guns are comfortable to carry around, but stop and ask yourself: Do you really want one of them in your hand when you are fighting for your life?

Perfect G23

There is a balance between the little mini-guns and a full-size “rock ’em sock ’em” pistol that is too big and heavy to carry all day. For me, the Compact-sized GLOCK 23 is the perfect choice. For starters, the GLOCK design has no sharp edges or protrusions that poke and prod me all day. The SAFE ACTION trigger ensures the gun is always ready for action.

Your fine motor skills and cognitive thinking will both disappear in a high-stress situation. The simplicity of the GLOCK design means you have less to think about and nothing other than the trigger to manipulate. There is no need for you to worry about pushing off a safety—just pull the trigger. Also, a striker-fired trigger system is ideal for a carry gun. They are easy to master and shoot well with, yet they are much safer in a high-stress situation than a light, single-action trigger and will reduce the possibility of a tragic unplanned discharge.

The G23 is compact. At 21.3 ounces (31.18 ounces loaded), it’s light enough to carry comfortably all day, yet it’s large enough so that I can shoot it very well. The grip is big enough for me to have good control over the handgun. The sights are clear and easy to see, and with a 4.02-inch barrel length, the gun has a 6.02-inch sight radius for more accurate shooting. In fact, this gun shoots so well that my son-in-law, who works in federal law enforcement, competes exclusively with his G23 in IDPA, 3-Gun and USPSA matches. This is the same gun he carries when he is off-duty and has a choice in carry guns.

Oddly enough, I never see a shooter with a pocket pistol at any of the matches. Why is this important? What good is a carry gun if you can’t hit the bad guys?

Bigger Cartridges

Personally, I am a firm believer that when it comes to defensive handgun cartridges, bigger is better. At least within reason. Unfair or not, the 9×19 does not have my trust. I shoot thousands of 9×19 cartridges every year in competition, but when it comes to defending myself or my family, I hold to the old adage that fighting pistol cartridges should start with a four.

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