Firearms trainers business booming

Making a living on training folks to stay alive has…

Making a living on training folks to stay alive has never been more profitable:

From The Southern Illinoisan

With the state facing a June 9 court-imposed deadline to put some form of legal concealed carry on the books, are Southern Illinoisans filling up firearms training courses?

“The answer is an unqualified yes,” said NRA-certified instructor Larry Morse.

Mike Corkran and Morse run the Marion-based Heartland Training team, and they also teach courses through John A. Logan College. Morse estimated business this spring has been up at least 50 percent.

Corkran said that 50 percent is, indeed, a minimum. Corkran, a retired state trooper, said a recent NRA advanced or defensive pistol course he led this spring filled four sections of 20 students each. Not only did the sections fill rapidly, he said, but students volunteered for standby lists.

The level of interest in classes is “of an order like I’ve never seen before,” said Morse, a former competitive shooter.

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