Fist Holsters introduces the #1B and #6B.   These are holsters with Velcro fronts that allow very accurate placement on your body.  Any cant you want is possible and any ride is also possible.  As designer Jim Murnak says “You know when you get a holster and you just can’t get it to be in the right place?  Well, this gets rid of that problem.” 

Another major feature of these two holsters is that you can use a number of adapters which make it into any set you may want.  From deep concealment with the shirt over tuckable and Velcro to the back of your belt option, to the key ring diversion option.   You can use any loop that Fist makes for the interchangeable series.  Another holster in the same vein is the #K12,  which can be used left or right handed.

These holsters can be ordered in either leather or Kydex, but the Kydex has grown to be the most popular because of its thin profile as well as a quicker release than leather. 

Fist makes over 50 styles of holsters, which can be daunting unless you want to get exactly what you need.

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