Years ago, even before I could afford a really fine timepiece, I loved looking at quality wristwatches and dreaming of one day owning this or that model.

I now own several Breitlings, Omegas and Tag Heuers. The same can be said of my SRT8 Dodge Challenger. I looked at and read about every Challenger model that Dodge offered from 2008 onward, hoping that one day I would be able to buy one. I now have my own special edition 392 Hemi Challenger, and I love it.

I say all of this because some of our fellow gun-lovers have a similar attitude toward custom handguns—they might not yet be able to afford to buy one, but they still find custom guns fun to read about and look at. And for those of you who hope to one day place an order or are actively seeking a gunsmith to build a custom handgun exactly to your specifications, look no further than Bobby Keigans at Freedom Gunworks.

Keigans and Freedom are relatively well known in the IDPA and USPSA circuits, and I’ve known about their work for a while now. Trust me when I say that everything I know about Keigans and his company is highly positive. I called and spoke to Keigans directly, and after a lengthy conversation with him, he agreed to send me an exclusive, groundbreaking offering that actually combines two guns in one—the Freedom Package.

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Read more in the August 2013 Issue of Combat Handguns

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  • Will

    If you’re in the market for a high end handgun or rifle that runs like a Swiss watch, is more accurate than anything else you’ve ever shot, and looks like art, DEFINITELY give Bobby a call. I had a safe full of guns until I got my first Freedom Gunworks gun and then I realized I never shot the others because it’s hard to get excited about a Camry when you’ve got a Ferrari parked in the garage. I sold off a couple of guns I don’t use and now I’ve got my SECOND Freedom gun on the way.