Gun Supporters React to New Concealed Carry Proposal

A Chicago Senator has proposed a bill that would give…

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A Chicago Senator has proposed a bill that would give home-rule cities in Illinois more control over how concealed carry is enforced. Governor Quinn has been supporting the same idea for a couple of months now, but many gun rights advocates say no way.

This all goes back to the May/Shall debate: shall all cities enforce concealed carry or may some decide for themselves. The bill could get a lot of support from Chicago-area legislators but others say it will create a convoluted law.

Dave Kemp has a lot riding on the passage of concealed carry. He’s opening up Tombstone Gun Range and Training Center, just outside of Marion and hopes to see a flush of customers seeking proper training to get a permit.

“Now that you have your permit, whatever that might be, now what do you do with that? What do you do in certain situations and how do you handle that? So we’re going to try and offer a lot of that training to the concealed carry permit holders,” Kemp explains.


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