Illinois House introduces less restrictive gun bill

An Illinois House version of legislation to allow people to…

An Illinois House version of legislation to allow people to carry concealed weapons that emerged Wednesday would not let Chicago have its own set of rules and could make it easier to get a permit.

The latest proposal is an attempt to address concerns of gun rights advocates who balked last week at a more restrictive Senate concealed carry bill favored by gun control supporters. Backers, including Democratic Speaker Michael Madigan, hope the House version finds enough common ground between the two sides to clear the General Assembly and meet the standards of a federal appeals court ruling that put the issue into play late last year.

“My expectation is there will be sufficient votes to pass the bill,” said Madigan, D-Chicago.

With little more than a week until the May 31 adjournment deadline, it’s unclear whether the Senate would agree to the House gun bill or simply set up another stalemate between the two chambers similar to the one that has emerged on pension reform.

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