NRA courts women: Pink rifles, concealed carry purses on display at convention

At this weekend's National Rifle Association Convention, Carrie Bradshaw met…

At this weekend’s National Rifle Association Convention, Carrie Bradshaw met Annie Oakley.

On display in the 9-acre firearms expo alongside Civil War-era antique guns, black AR-15 rifles and camouflage-patterned hunting gear? Pink rifles and hand guns, “Concealed Carrie” purses with hidden handgun pockets, and “Flashbang” holsters that attach to the front or side of a bra.

“We kinda started this because we didn’t want women to have to dress like a man to be able to carry a gun,” said Taylor Johnston, a Flashbang Holsters sales representative. “We want them to look feminine, look good, and still feel safe.

Leslie Deets modeled her concealed carry purses on high-end designers.

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