Nucla, Colorado Mandates Firearms in Households

PDW finds one smart town you can move to and…

PDW finds one smart town you can move to and feel safe in Colorado. Welcome to Nucla, Colorado.

From krexTV:

Newly-signed gun control laws in Colorado have some folks in the state concerned about the future of their Second Amendment rights.

One Western Colorado town is taking a stand to not only protect those rights, but protect it’s citizens from criminals. With some exemptions, the head of each household is now required to maintain a firearm.

Pro tem mayor and town trustee Richard Craig brought the idea to the town. “Every head of the household residing in town limits is required to maintain a firearm together with ammunition thereafter. Criminals are put on notice, period. We are armed.” he said.

In a five to one vote, Nucla trustees passed the ordinance.

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