Police leaders not on board with ‘home-rule’ for concealed carry

Twin City leaders aren’t sure it’s a good idea to…

Twin City leaders aren’t sure it’s a good idea to allow individual cities to create their own gun-free zones on top of any that could be created by the state.

A federal court late last year said Illinois’ ban on carrying concealed weapons is unconstitutional and gave the state until early June to rework the law.

State Sen. Kwame Raoul, D-Chicago, told The Associated Press earlier this week he plans to propose concealed-carry legislation that would give home-rule communities, including Bloomington and Normal, the power to create gun-free zones in addition to any created by state law.

Interim Bloomington Police Chief R.T. Finney said he agrees with making schools or universities gun-free, but it’s important to have consistency across the state. Otherwise, “if you’re traveling through, you don’t know if you’re violating or not,” he said.

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