AKTI Press Release Regarding Traveling With Knives

TACTICAL KNIVES magazine will continue to follow the ever changing…

TACTICAL KNIVES magazine will continue to follow the ever changing rules of travel with knives. AKTI has released new information on this subject. PDW hopes this helps you, not lose your valuable collectibles!

With its continuing effort to serve the knife industry and all knife owners and users, the American Knife & Tool Institute presents another in its series of internet articles available at http://www.akti.org/news/traveling-with-knives-presents-challenges, Purveyor Neil Ostroff of True North Knives, event promoter Steve D’Lack of Fifty Fifty Productions, and C.J. Buck of Buck Knives offer perspectives on TSA rules and tips for the safe transport of knives in all forms of travel.

Safety and security apply to traveling with knives by air, bus, or private automobile, and the article titled “Traveling With Knives Presents Challenges” provides a fresh look at best practices.

“Travelers need to be aware of knife laws where they go to make sure they are legal, and, of course, know the policies of the airlines, TSA, or whatever mode of transportation they use” related Jan Billeb, Executive Director of AKTI.

“Some municipal laws may not allow certain knives, or some states may have restrictions on knives at airports.”

For more information on AKTI and its mission view the series of informative articles, visit the website at http://www.AKTI.org.

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