State police prepping for concealed carry law

Even though lawmakers have been unable to agree on a…

Even though lawmakers have been unable to agree on a plan allowing Illinoisans to carry concealed weapons, the Quinn administration has launched the process of building a computer system designed to handle future gun permits.

State purchasing documents show the Illinois State Police is spending $175,000 to begin automating the process used to identify people who will be prohibited from getting permits.

The contract, which is a part of a long-sought overhaul of the state’s beleaguered Firearm Owner’s Identification card program, represents just one piece of the additional manpower and computer upgrades state police officials say they’ll need to bring Illinois in compliance with a federal court order allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms.

The state police awarded the no-bid contract this week on an emergency basis, saying without it, the state will not be ready to issue permits by the June 8 deadline dictated by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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