Closely resembling the Beretta Model 21A Bobcat, introduced in 1984, the Taurus 22PLY is the latest variation of the Taurus PT22. While the PT22 features a metal slide and frame, the Taurus 22PLY has a polymer frame and is slightly lighter and more compact. The company also offers the 25PLY, which is chambered for the .25 ACP.

Intended purely as a pocket pistol, the 22PLY is built for maximum concealability. Its controls are simple and easy to operate, consisting of a frame-mounted thumb safety on the gun’s left side, a double-action-only (DAO) trigger and a magazine-release button at the rear of the triggerguard. These controls are not ambidextrous. A magazine-disconnect safety prevents the gun from firing if the magazine is removed.

Like the Beretta Bobcat and the Taurus PT22, the Taurus 22PLY features a hinged barrel that pops up when a lever at the upper rear of the triggerguard is thumbed forward. This allows shooters to immediately determine if a round has been chambered. It also simplifies bore cleaning from the chamber end. To complete the disassembly process, you need only to pull the front of the slide up and forward, then dismount the slide from the gun. No further disassembly is recommended without the services of a gunsmith.

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