Browning is a famous name in U.S. military history that is familiar to firearms enthusiasts. Perhaps not as well known is that Browning has developed its line of Black Label Tactical Knives that serve our military and are every bit as tough and rugged as their celebrated weapons.

Browning went to two well-known experts in the field of knives—Russ Kommer and Jared Wihongi—to this design project. Russ Kommer is renowned for his custom hunting knives, plus he brings some 20+ years of experience to the field as a guide both in the rugged mountains of Idaho and the Alaskan Wilderness. His partner in the collaboration is Jared Wihongi, a Maori originally from New Zealand, who has more than 25 years of experience in using edged weapons. He has given instruction to U.S. Army Special Forces, Marine Recon units, the DEA, and even Germany’s GSG-9.

Kommer’s job is to create a prototype; then Jared obtains feedback from military personnel as to what they are looking for in a knife and what their reaction is to the prototype. From what I have seen and experienced evaluating and using the Browning Trip Wire, this process works and works well.

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