Vigilant Neighbors Thwart Break-in

It's always comforting to know your neighbors have your back…

It’s always comforting to know your neighbors have your back when it’s needed…

A man and woman were arrested by Radnor (PA) Township Police after neighbors helped thwart an apparent burglary.

According to Lt. Christopher Flanagan, a resident of the 700 block of County Line Road in Villanova reported that she saw a woman break into a back window of a neighbor’s home. The 700 block runs from Wistar Road to the Blue Route overpass.

While one neighbor called 911, another chased a woman as she ran down the driveway with a pillowcase full of what police say was jewelry, according to police. The woman then dropped the bag and ran into a silver-colored SUV parked around the corner. A man at the wheel then drove them toward Matsonford Road.

A friend of the neighbor followed the car after it took off, Flanagan said. The victims of the burglary were not home at the time.


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