CRKT Tighe Dye

The Tighe Dye from designer Brian Tighe is now available…

The Tighe Dye from designer Brian Tighe is now available from CRKT.

Knife enthusiasts will appreciate the time-honored design, but come to enjoy its modern flare. Anodized aluminum handle scales are shaped and formed for fully functional grip while still paying attention to visual detail throughout. And the full-length, stainless steel liners provide solid structure without bulk.

A feather lite, symmetrical blade shape is razor sharpened along one edge, and is high-polished for the ultimate look. The full hand guard shaped tang functions as an effective blade flipper for opening. Solid lockup comes from the positive interference bar, which fully engages the blade tang, and is disengaged with a push button release.

The Tighe Dye’s attention to detail is further exposed with a nicely done deep carry pocket clip, and the custom like pivot head. Young or old alike will definitely appreciate this modern take on an old school design.

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