Dead Ringer Snake Eyes Front and Rear Sights

Using an feedback from military, law enforcement, and professional hunters,…

Using an feedback from military, law enforcement, and professional hunters, Dead Ringer has engineered the Snake Eyes line to provide a simple point-and-shoot application. The aesthetically pleasing sight has been designed to install easily on all Glock handguns. Beyond aesthetics, this sight has unparalleled durability and functionality when compared to other products available on the market.

Dead Ringer made an impact on the hunting world with their innovative, functional and easy-to-use universal shotgun sights by making rapid target acquisition, accuracy and durability affordable to everyone.

“Now we are taking another step into a niche of the industry that has remained unexplored, with the offering of a simple and affordable rear mounted peep sight for pistols, making accuracy as simple as drawing your weapon” says Kristian Meyer, Vice President of Dead Ringer.

When faced with self-defense or close-quarters situations, it is paramount that one be able to acquire the target as quickly as possible. Snake Eyes design lends itself to the natural shooting position, while allowing quick target acquisition with minimal learning curve. Even in low-light conditions, the tritium front and rear sights glow continuously. Additionally, Snake Eyes is manufactured with 100% military grade metals, making it both durable and reliable, while differentiating it from the plastic sights on the market today.

Snake Eyes is currently offered in 5 different styles for Glock pistols, incorporating a variety of color schemes for day and nighttime use. They will also be available for other manufacturers in the near future.

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