Veterans Insulted By Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Not Becoming Law

Larry Hoyt, United States Air Force (Ret.), states there are…

Larry Hoyt, United States Air Force (Ret.), states there are nearly 1 million veterans in Illinois.

“We have served in battle from Berlin to Baghdad, from Da Nang to Pusan. We have served with honor. We are responsible citizens. We obey the law. Many of us own firearms and have FOID cards. We all have many hours of rigorous firearms training. Of the some 1.5 million FOID cardholders in Illinois, we are by far the largest collective group. Gov. Quinn has saluted us with a backhanded slap to the face by not signing a concealed carry bill that he knows full well we support. He knows we deserve the same opportunity to protect our families from violent criminals as those state officials who have armed bodyguards.”


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