Recluse Holster introduces the TS Cargo Pocket Holster

The Recluse TS - Two Sided Cargo holster: made to…

The Recluse TS – Two Sided Cargo holster: made to carry in the side pocket of cargo pants and shorts. The wider base provides for the handgun to remain in a consistent upright position, but with the innovative clamshell design the holster stays in the pocket when drawn. Holsters handmade with U.S.A. steer hide or horsehide in black or natural tan. With these additional models, Recluse now provides cargo holsters for more than 40 handguns and will be adding more as requested.

Recluse, LLC is based in Gig Harbor, WA where Tod Cole – inventor of the patented “One Sided Pocket Holster” – and his crew of craftsmen are changing the way folks think of pocket carry with designs, function and quality that exceed expectations.

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