Self-Defense Classes Becoming Popular in Gay Community

NYC's LGBT community have embraced self-defense training, which was demonstrated…

If you’re only defending, you’re barely surviving. Seize the offense at the earliest possible moment.

NYC’s LGBT community have embraced self-defense training, which was demonstrated at a workshop on Saturday night.

The event was aimed at empowering members of the community in the wake of a series of violent hate crimes.

“We should not be having to face this, we should feel safe in our own neighborhoods,” Gay Activist Eugene Lovendusky told CBS 2′s Don Champion.



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  • ernie

    Hi everyone,

    Because of the increase in violence against our community, I put together a series of self defense workshops. the classes are being taught by instructors from the martial arts school I have attended for almost a decade, and they are really behind this project helping the LGBT community. we are just charging enough to cover space and equipment. you can sign up for the entire 8 week course or just on a session by session basis.

    let anyone know that you think would be interested- you can register below:)


    • Bryan

      This is fantastic, but should go farther. The gay community should embrace the acquiring of concealed weapon permits and learn to carry safely. There is no reason you should not be able to protect yourselves. Obtaining a concealed weapons permit involves training and modern weapons are extremely safe (I own one that could be thrown down a flight of stairs thousands of time and never discharge, there are often triple and quadruple safety measures that make them very safe when carried properly, and safety training will teach you to carry properly). You have a right to be safe from any sort of hate crime and I really hope that many within the LGBT community will take such measures to remain safe.

  • Everyone deserves to the right to defend themselves effectively and confidently. Any minority can be considered a “high risk” group.