Sig Sauer has been a prime supplier of combat pistols to U.S. military units for decades and is now offering a commercial version of the 9mm M11. Designated the M11-A1, this pistol differs from the military model, sold exclusively to the government. The M11 is used by every U.S. service branch, including combat forces such as Navy aviators and military criminal investigation agencies, such as the NCIS and U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command.

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  • je_doute

    Swiss quality ! What else !

  • ScottE

    This is one of the best shooting pistols in my safe. I Love It. This is my weapon of choice and with the awesome glow in the dark sights makes an ideal choice for the night stand. Did I tell you I Love this gun. Keep up the Great Work Sig.
    My M400 in my hands and my M11 A1 on my side, What a great pair!

  • hercules40

    Is this a better weapon than the 40-cal? I am considering both… Obviously, this is lighter, so that’s a plus. The illuminated night sights sound intriguing.

    • Hojo

      If you can buy a .40 there is no reason to carry a 9mm. Don’t listen to me though, I have a carry in 9mm, .40, and .45 but all Sigs.

      • hercules40

        Thanks Hojo. I am thinking of getting this anyway. I’m still going to get my 40-cal.

      • sckarekrow

        BS. .40 has no ballistic advantage over 9mm. You lose firepower with increased recoil and muzzle flip. Pros choose 9mm for a reason.

        • Snake

          My favorite caliber is the .357 Sig.

  • Bill Hall

    Just got one, put 300 rounds thru it, what a sweet gun!! If you can’t find a Browning, get one of these!

  • Tango Down

    I’m exclusive to SIG’s! I have had both the 9mm and .40 S&W. From personal experience in the field and on the range, I traded my .40 S&W SIG P229 SCT in for a 9mm SIG P226 TacOps due to the muzzle rise and flip in actual shooting situations. The .40 S&W caused more than average rise and flip of the weapon than I would consider to be safe in an actual self-defense situation. Losing your target in daylight due to the rise and flip and then having to re-aquire target immediately is bad enough and deadly, now imagine this same scenario occurring at nighttime! Power is great and fine but being able to hold target with little to no recovery time is what keeps you alive out there!