Spending as little as possible on a home-defense shotgun that passes years under the bed keeping the dust bunnies company isn’t a bad idea—a home-defense weapon essentially needs to be there when you need it and deliver lethal force with reliability. The Turkish-made 12 gauge pump-action shotgun that author Jay Langston recently tested does just that. The SARPASP has an 18.5-inch, drilled, steel barrel with a thorough hone job. The chamber accepts both 2¾- and 3-inch Mag. Of range testing, the author reports, “I burned up a wide assortment of field loads to ascertain reliability. I went through all 105 rounds without a malfunction.” To find out what kind of mayhem this $369 pump action delivered at 10 and 25 yards, check out the 2014 issue of The Complete Book Of Guns, available on newsstands and digitally on July 9, 2013. To subscribe, go to personaldefenseworld.com/subscribe.

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