The European American Armory (EAA) Windicator is a good-looking firearm, but how much quality and reliability can there be in a revolver that costs only $319? As it turns out, quite a bit.

The Windicator is made in Germany by Weirauch-Sport, which primarily makes high-quality air guns that are marketed in Europe. Weirauch air guns are also sold in the United States in cooperation with Beeman Precision Arms…

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  • Edward Wentworth

    looking for laser for eaa windicator 357/38 revolver

  • Steelheart

    Edward, I wish you good luck looking for something other than a generic laser that mounts on the front of the trigger guard. I used to have a Windicator and couldn’t find a good holster for the thing since the frame shape isn’t the same as everyone else. I also wasn’t impressed with how the front sight looked but I’m sure I could have gotten used to that for the price of the gun.

  • Ron Pugh

    Steelheart and Edward, I too have been looking for a laser for my Windicator stubby. Can’t find one. However, I did find a great paddle holster from Galco. It is their model F139WC SPD112 designed for the Smith K frame 686. It is a good tight fit and works well for concealed carry.

  • Tyler992

    Have you found Any after market grips that work with minor Alterations or just fit straight outta the box?

  • randydaw

    I have an EAA Windicator .357 4″, and I’m having trouble with the cylinder hanging after a shot. Every 4-5 shots it hangs, especially when shooting .357. I sent it to EAA and got it back with a repair ticket that said “tested with Winchester .357 110gr hp ok” – and that’s all. I have yet to try a brand that works. .38 has been ok, .357 (both Remington and WInchester 125gr) do not.
    $64 to send it in and have them tell me “Hey, it worked for us!” Sounds to me like they know they have an issue, so why not tell me “try this ammo” instead of costing me big bucks to get this info?
    Draw your own conclusion. Anyone want to buy a crappy revolver?

    • Gerg

      Been shooting powerful 140 grain Barnes rounds through mine. At almost 500 .357 rounds an at least 1000 38s through it. Zero issues whatsoever. Clean it after every shoot. Love mine, and if you wanna give away a “crappy” revolver, I’ll take it.

      • Christopher C

        me too… LOVE MINE… and I’ve had many over the years…

    • Christopher C

      the nose of the round is jamming where the barrel meets the cylinder… purchase appropriate ammo… noticed this happened to mine and at first I WAS PISSED until closer inspection revealed the culprit… best of luck, they really are great handguns that go BOOOM!

  • Ed Anderson

    i have found many k frame holsters on line for the windicator 357 snub

  • Christopher C

    K Frame Holster for S&W fits like a glove.
    1/2 the price of a safe queen/show off/price bragger/etc.
    2-4″ barrels for in/out wetwork.
    this is a C-O-M-B-A-T R-E-V-O-L-V-E-R… not a beauty queen though it looks good.
    it is made in Germany.
    it always goes bang.
    MEN buy them, WOMEN buy them… posers talk smack until they see the flash!
    reminds me of the Hi Point bashers… ya people, people who HEAR things and repeat them. Different strokes for different folks, but this firearm will do the job, so much so for the price of one S&W you CAN BUY TWO… and what’s better than one gun? TWO GUNS.

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