Castle Doctrine Law Clears PA Man in Home Defense Shooting

In eastern Berks County, PA, a home intruder gets a…

In eastern Berks County, PA, a home intruder gets a grazed wound by a mobile home owner who fires from inside his home, and has been cleared of charges in the shooting.

David F. Delledonne, 59, of Greenwich Township had been charged with simple assault and reckless endangerment for the March 25 shooting.

The charges were dismissed Tuesday after his lawyer, Brian Collins, successfully argued with prosecutors that Delledonne’s action was protected by the state’s Castle Doctrine law.

“I talked with the assistant district attorney, and he agreed to nolle prose the charges, which means to withdraw the charges,” Collins said. “It’s a good decision, too. It’s a clear Castle Doctrine case.”

Under the Castle Doctrine principle, a person may use deadly force against someone trying to enter the person’s home illegally and by force.


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