Connecticut Self-Defense Laws To Be Reviewed

State of Connecticut's self-defense laws to be under review per…

State of Connecticut’s self-defense laws to be under review per House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, to make sure that a situation like the deadly shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin can’t happen in Connecticut.

Sharkey told The Associated Press on Monday he plans to consult with law enforcement officials and community groups to identify whether there are any issues with current state laws and, if necessary, address those issues during the new legislative session that convenes in February.

“I know that we don’t have the same kind of ‘stand your ground law’ as in Florida,” said Sharkey, a Hamden Democrat. “But it is something that I wanted to take a look at next session to see if we’re doing anything that would create a scenario that might evolve the way the tragic situation in Florida did.”


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