CRKT Tighe Rod

The Tighe Rod folding knife, from Columbia River Knife &…

The Tighe Rod folding knife, from Columbia River Knife & Tool puts an edge on form and function.

Stainless steel handles are masterfully “skeletonized” with flowing cut outs and lines creating a dynamic visual as well as lightening the load. An arguably robust handle form fills your grip and feels solid in the hand. The added blue color of the titanium nitride coating is a nice addition as well.

Rock solid blade lockup comes from the “Klecker Lock” that is uniquely formed within the steel scales, effectively creating a modern lockback design. And the generous, deep bellied, hollow ground blade can be actuated with use of either the blade flipper, or the ambidextrous thumb-studs. Both move the blade smoothly with the help of a series of caged ball bearings in the pivot.

Nowhere is it written rule that a knife has to look cool, or that there is a special formula to follow in making a great knife. BUT, if there were, the Tighe Rod would definitely be a part of it.

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