Covering the entire range of pistol needs—from simple plinking to high-end race pistols—CZ-USA offers one of the most extensive lines of autopistols on the market. Its weapons are reliable, accurate and affordable, with a broad appeal. At any USPSA event, you’ll likely see a CZ pistol in almost every division. CZ pistols also have been favored for concealed carry for decades—they truly are high quality, available to most any consumer.

Duty Series

CZ-USA offers several pistols in this series designed for hard carry and use. The latest is the P-09, a full-sized pistol that’s perfect for professional carry. The polymer lower incorporates the Omega DA/SA trigger—providing a single-action trigger break with the safety of a DA first-pull option. Aggressive checkering and a high-cut grip provide solid control. A forward rail accommodates lights and other accessories. Interchangeable backstraps allow for proper fit to the shooter. Initially imported in a 19+1 9mm version, a .40 caliber pistol is available now…

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