Firefighters & EMT’s Learn Self-Defense – VIDEO

It's happened to Delta Township firefighter and paramedic Brent Davenport…

It’s happened to Delta Township firefighter and paramedic Brent Davenport too many times. He was trying to help, and he ended up getting hurt.

“Personally, I’ve been attacked a few times, I had a fellow become quite pushy with me. I was guarding a down power line in my fire gear, and he just walked up out of the blue, and he started screaming and flailing and ended up having to have the state police restrain him,” said Brent Davenport, a paramedic and firefighter for Delta Township

And it doesn’t just happen to him. A study by the National EMD Advisory Council found that over half of all paramedics have been injured by a violent attacker.

“It happens to all of us all the time,” said Davenport.

So he decided to do something about it.. Davenport scheduled Delta Township EMS and Fire’s shift training for outside of the station. He brought the crew to Victory Martial Arts so they could learn simple self-defense.


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