In the blade world, Boker’s been around long enough to recognize that not everybody can afford a hand-built custom knife, and not everybody wants a highly polished display piece. The company’s Boker Plus brand features several patterns from well-known designers and custom makers, using alternative materials that make those designs more affordable. This is good news for the everyday user who’s looking for a practical tool that doesn’t have to be babied or financed with a bank loan. But the Boker Plus line also benefits the typically underpaid cop who’s perpetually “on a budget.” One prime example of such offerings is the new Boker Plus Exodus, designed by Andy Fitz.

Knife Details
With a little over a decade making his designs, Andy Fitz has clear ideas of what a quality knife should be and do. He turns out well-made, highly regarded folders and fixed blades from his Tennessee shop. One of his earlier folders, from 2007, was the original Exodus Flipper, a high-end knife crafted from premium CPM 154 steel with titanium handle slabs. That design appealed to Andy’s friend Matt Carson, a member of the Brownsville, Tennessee, Police Department. But Carson wanted something a shade stronger as a duty blade. A loose collaboration between the two resulted in the Exodus fixed-blade knife in 2008.

The Exodus has dark G10 scales and is built with Elmax, a third-generation powdered steel with a very small granule size. Carson says the hefty design of that knife has carried him through his duties on his department’s emergency response team and while field training as a certified on-the-ground fugitive tracker extremely well. So well, in fact, that he and the knife have become virtually inseparable, both on- and off-duty. He describes it as a versatile knife for multiple uses, and he doesn’t treat his knife lightly. It’s never let him down, including when he pried open two aluminum and glass storm doors during entries.

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