Rio Grande Custom Grips

Rio Grande Custom Grips produces a huge series of illustrated…

Rio Grande Custom Grips produces a huge series of illustrated handgun grips (also known as stocks) for revolvers and pistols. Using a proprietary patented process the company can put most any image, illustration and/or verbiage on a handgun grip. Made from molded high-strength specialized polymer the grips are seriously tough and durable.

Unique to the Rio Grande brand, their grips and the images are tough too! How tough? They are salt, oil, solvent, water impact and abrasion resistant and the image is encased in tough poly-material. So you can dress up your handgun and or make your statement and do so with serious handgun grips that are made to last.

“Handgun grips are a wonderful place to display some great artwork or a personal sentiment. Nothing much in the firearm world looks cooler than a handgun with really neat grips.”–Bryan Chambers, V.P. of Rio Grande Custom Grips.

Rio Grande has over 100 outstanding standard images and designs from plain ivory to beautiful high-color patriotic to abstract art images.

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