Massachusetts Self-Defense Spray Laws To Be Amended

Boston Lawmakers are expressing their support for a bill seeking…

Boston Lawmakers are expressing their support for a bill seeking to make so-called “non-lethal self-defense” sprays more accessible to Mass. residents in the wake of the murder of South Boston resident Amy Lord.

The ultimate goal of the bill is to do away with licensing requirements for receiving self-defense spray. The bill was referred to the House committee on Ways and Means on June 3.

Women at a program hosted by police in South Boston expressed their interest in receiving Mace Friday.


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  • “Yup, every year they bring this up, it gets sucked into a committee and then it disappears! 10/16/2013, and self defense sprays still require at minimum an FID-D card:* Restricted*, as well as the local,and state police permissions which they entangle.(FID cards and LTC A, and B cards are subject to suspension and revocation at the whim of the *Licensing authority, or it’s agents*=a p/o. !!!) Its used to justify the Draconian,and overzealous control of our 2nd amendment rights_( as defined in the US Constitution/ Bill of Rights.)_here in Massachusetts by Local/State Police Departments! It provides the **Licensing authority** with as sense of permanent job justification, its used as leverage over the citizenry to harass citizens for their papers, and becomes a backdoor for the**Licensing authority** to conduct a* Fishing Expedition* on the citizen by forcing a citizen into surrendering their Constitutional rights through intimidation!”