Military Veteran Gun Activist’s Home Raided By Police

Police raided prominent libertarian and gun rights activist home just…

Police raided prominent libertarian and gun rights activist home just days after he posted a video on YouTube of himself, loading a shotgun in Washington D.C.’s Freedom Plaza.

Marine veteran Adam Kokesh was arrested by U.S. Park Police on charges of drug and weapons possession, according to a Washington Post report by Trishula Patel and Justin Jouvenal. Fox News is reporting that Kokesh is refusing to leave his cell for arraignment.

A statement posted on Kokesh’s website describes a raid with numerous law enforcement vehicles, including two helicopters and a light armored vehicle, and roughly 20 SWAT team members. Lt. Pamela Smith, with the U.S. Park Police, told the Post that a search warrant was executed Tuesday evening at Kokesh’s home in Herndon, Va., in search of a weapon.

On July 4th, the 31-year-old activist uploaded a video to YouTube of him loading a shotgun. Possessing a loaded weapon is a violation of the District’s strict gun laws.


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  • Retired Soldier

    The “Park Police” went to Virginnia to arrest a man for what he allegedly did in DC. I wonder about the jurisdiction of the Park Police outside specified areas? Also if the warrant was issued to search for a gun then what is the drug charge, that was not part of the warrant and extraneous. Be that as it may the thing that I guess I am most curious about is that the accused was arrested for ” loading a shotgun.” Did he load it with shot shell or blanks I doubt the camera can tell the difference. Was the weapon concealed? Nope he did it out in the open. Was he arrested on the spot? No again, only after the fact. So now if you drop a paper wrapper in a National Park and the authorities find out it was you by watching You Tube how many state lines will they cross and how large a SWAT team will be brought in. Also out of perverse curiosity how much are they paying someone to monitor You Tube to find this video? We have finally gone so far down the rabbit hole that we are accepting as correct the governments monitoring of non directed personal communications.
    In 2010 according to the FBI Washington DC. Had a Murder Rate of 1330.2 per 100,000 people. Doesn’t sound so bad until you remember that Our nation’s capital is a city of nearly 1 million residents. So 10 x 1330.2 = 13,302 Murders. Rapes and other violent crimes at gun point I was unable to easily ascertain but It would be reasonable to presume an equally high percentage and/or volume. Entering this city unarmed would seem to me less than sane. Please understand I am not deprecating the police forces of this area. I am simply pointing to the fact that they cannot be everywhere all the time. We as citizens cannot rely on 911 response time, even the police have admitted that, there are too many variables. By the time the officers arrive the only thing they can do, usually, is try and deal with the aftermath. There are many good officers that are dealing with PTSD from having seen horrific scene after horrific scene of violence enacted on now undefended innocents.
    Yet people in our government say the 2nd Amendment is outdated and useless. It was meant for a time when people were defending against marauding Indians and bandits. I say that the situation is unchanged. We as citizens must defend our homes and ourselves against attack in one form or another until help can arrive. These same citizens face the same threats when they leave their homes to live their daily lives.
    All the anti-gun laws, gun bans etc. do only one thing they effectively enhance and empower the criminals and the thugs. The laws make it easier and safer for the outlaws to practice their chosen occupations. They can work, for the most part, without fear of resistance or threat as the law-abiding citizen is forbidden the same ability to defend and protect themselves. I would be very interested in someday following the money trail into the Anti-Gun lobbies. I would not at all be surprised if it traced back to front organizations for organized crime in one faction or another. Very soon, if something isn’t done the only people with guns will be the police and he criminals. And then the criminals will win because there are always far more of them than there are of police. An armed populace trained in the use of their weapons is the way to a safer better America.