SNEAK PEEK: Beretta Pico .380 – VIDEO

Just for the record a “pico” is one-trillionth of any…

Just for the record a “pico” is one-trillionth of any measurement; a picosecond or a picogram—really, really small.

Since the Pico’s predecessor in the Beretta ultra compact line is the 9mm Nano, and a “nano” is one-billionth of any measurement, the new .380 had to be smaller, thus a “pico.” Aside from sharing numerical nomenclature, the Pico and Nano also share basic construction, an interchangeable one-piece molded technopolymer frame (or “chassis”) surrounding a separate stainless steel fire control sub-chassis containing the frame rails, trigger, and firing system.

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  • Scott Strat

    I heard that there was a laser on this gun but I don’t see it…?

    • Mohammad Mosaddegh

      You have to sign up for the nyan cat attachment. Hope this helps Scott.