Mississippi Attack Underscores the Importance of Self-Defense Training

A man who attacked a female soccer coach in Mississippi…

A man who attacked a female soccer coach in Mississippi has not been arrested as of yet. Police say several people have reported seeing someone matching the man’s description, but those leads didn’t pan out.

Meanwhile, they credit the victim’s recent self-defense training for helping her escape from her attacker. You can also learn all the right moves to fight back.

Forty youngsters, ages three to 13, are punching, kicking, bobbing and weaving their way through a ten-week course. Simple self-defense techniques are part of the Alan Belcher Summer Camp Experience in D’Iberville.

Head Instructor Derek Pruitt said lessons like that probably helped a soccer coach in Bay St. Louis fight off her attacker. Police said a man hit the woman on the head, grabbed her hair, and tried to drag her into a shed off Seminary Drive.

“It’s proven that if you do attack back, you have a better chance of getting out of that situation, and she reacted and responded very quickly. I’m very proud that she actually did that and attack back,” said Pruitt.

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