There’s one simple rule in pocket pistol carry: You can hide length, but you can’t hide width. Even the best pocket holster can’t make a gun thinner. When you start with the new Beretta Pico, half the battle is already won. Not only is the Pico one of the most compact .380 autos on the market, it is also, by far, the narrowest handgun ever made. And that is going to make this innovative, micro-compact semi-automatic the most desirable CCW pistol in years.

Beretta has had a long time to “invent” the Pico, watching as others developed their guns based on existing principals of design. Beretta has been manufacturing firearms for 500 years (that takes it back to the 16th century) and has had the luxury of becoming innovative over time. Italian armsmakers have also learned patience, something we Americans can only comprehend by spending time in Italy and working with Italian gun makers, as I have.

In Italy, there is no imperative to be first, just the best. And when I use the word “invent” in referring to the Pico, that’s because there is no other .380 in the world built like it. The Pico uses modular construction, allowing for the interchangeability of frames, calibers and integrated accessories. If this sounds a little familiar, you have only to think back about a year, when Beretta introduced its groundbreaking, ultra-compact Nano 9mm…

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  • Andrew Tolbert

    I just picked up a copy of this issue of Combat Handguns just to read the article on the new Beretta Pico. I currently carry a compact 9mm pistol in an inside-the-waistband holster and train regularly at a local range here in Virginia. Although I am very happy with my 9, there are some times that I will admit I do not carry because I don’t want to go to the trouble to put on the holster and the spare mag carrier on my belt and change clothes so it wil be concealed, etc. So, I just go out unarmed. I know it is the wrong thing to do, but it is just easier. So, I have been looking to pick up an ultra-compact .380 that I can carry in a pocket holster, which I know I will do regularly since it is easier. So, I was very excited to see the piece on the Beretta Pico. After having read the article from start to finish, I can honestly say that I am ready to pick up one now. With the flush mag floorplate installed, I have no doubt that it will be a pleasure to carry, and with the right ammo, a more than adequate self defense gun. I also enjoyed the piece in the magazine on the rescue blades. I have been looking to add one of these to my gear for a while, and the piece did a great job of letting me know some of the options out there. Keep up the good work!

  • curious

    Somebody (doing gun reviews for these mags/sites/blogs) needs to come up with some’current, up-to-date’ info…… for instance what’s the latest on this pico .380????
    I got the 2014 Concealed Carry Handgun magazine ….. nothing on availability.
    I e-mailed Beretta last week; they don’t even have a ‘production’ schedule… m. Whatsup!!??