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Worlds’ First Bullet-Proof Couch Imagine a fire-rated gun safe hidden…

Worlds’ First Bullet-Proof Couch

Imagine a fire-rated gun safe hidden inside a custom built couch, with bullet proof cushions with carry straps, so they can be used on the fly as a shield. Now there is one!

CouchBunker patent pending, is available in a wide range of styles, leather and fabric coverings creating choices from game room casual to living room formal. Charles Alan Inc., a Ft. Worth contract furniture house, makes the couches, to order. The safe portion is the size of 1/2 a queen sized bed, and weighs 650 pounds. The safe is 78″ long, by 29.5″ wide, and 14″ deep. It is lined with a two-hour fire wall. It is manufactured by Heracles Corporation, owner of the BedBunker system.

The vault is quick and easy to access. Simply remove the three seat cushions and open the two Mul-T-Lock key locks, using just one key for both. For storage perspective, the safe will hold up to thirty rifles, and other valuables. The safe and couch unit together weigh about 900 pounds.

The CouchBunker is ideal for home, office or apartment. In addition to being an attractive, comfortable couch, with cleverly disguised, full-size vault underneath the seat cushions. As a bonus, it makes a comfortable guest bed. The bullet resistant cushions, serving as portable, personal shields, will stop a 44 Magnum at point blank range. It is also available in a light weight line, in various configurations, for boats and RV’s. No one would ever know that they were looking at, sitting or sleeping on a “gold mine”.

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