Iowa Shooting of Prison Escapee Calls for Expansion of State’s Self-Defense Law – VIDEO

A prison escapee who broke into the home of an…

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A prison escapee who broke into the home of an elderly couple and held them hostage for four hours before one of the homeowners shot and killed the convict in self-defense has sparked calls for expansion of the Iowa self-defense law.

Taylor County Attorney Clinton Spurrier said that there would be no charges against Jerome Mauderly, 71, for shooting and killing Rodney Long.  Mauderly’s action is clearly protected under the state’s current self-defense law, Spurrier said.

The case has been seen as an example of the right to self-defense and has encouraged many residents to seek the expansion of Iowa’s self-defense law beyond a person’s home or business.  The self-defense law currently includes any means to protect oneself including using firearms or fists.

Clel Baudler, an Iowa House Republican, said, “This situation is a poster child for the Second Amendment.  The bad guy is dead. The good guys are alive and healthy.”

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