The predicaments that individuals get into today and require intervention by rescuers are different than they were 100 or 200 years ago. Today’s emergencies often present complications posed by modern vehicles, wherein modern safety features such as seat belts or tempered glass can entrap passengers while highly flammable fuel drips ominously onto hot engine parts. In such instances, when extra seconds can cost your life, it’s critical to have the right tools on hand. As a result, if you find yourself trapped in one of these situations, you must have a means for freeing yourself quickly and safely and moving away from the danger. But how do you accomplish this? With dedicated emergency tools.

To that end, here are some rescue knives that should come in handy for quickly breaking through glass or cutting textiles in an emergency. The following knives are by no means the only ones available, but they’ll give you a good idea of the types available. Also, each one is designed to not let you down. They’re crafted for first responders, so you can rest assured that these knives will deliver for you when the time comes. These rescue-ready tactical knives can be kept by close until needed and be of high
practical value when it’s you or a loved one who needs saving…

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