Double Action Plus+ 9mm built for rapid fire!

While most conventional pistols operate with a firing mode of single-action (SA), double-action-only (DAO) or double-action/single-action (DA/SA)—where it’s double action for the first shot and follow-up shots are in single action—Lionheart Industries’ new LH9 features the “Double Action Plus+” system, and author Gary Paul Johnston gives it a test-run in the upcoming Gun Annual 2014.

With the gun cocked and ready to fire, simply push the hammer toward the slide, decocking the weapon without letting down the hammer’s spring pressure. When the trigger is pulled, the hammer returns to the ready-to-fire position with little resistance. This increases the accuracy of the first shot in a string of fire. This action has the qualities of both a double action and a single action, but the innovation definitely sets the gun apart from others on the market. The design was originally called “triple action” before Lionheart coined it the “Double Action Plus+.”

The LH9 is a civilian-ready variant of the Republic of Korea’s armed forces K5, but it’s been given several ergonomic upgrades to make it the talk of the range. How did it fare in Johnston’s evaluation? To learn more, check out Gun Annual 2014, available on newsstands and digitally August 27, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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