The folks at Sneaky Pete Holsters finally had enough requests for a low cost option that they went ballistic. Literally. The new Sneaky Pete Ballistic Nylon Holster is built to the same high quality standards as their leather cases, but these new cases feature the strongest ballistic nylon available; 1050 Denier Nylon. Sometimes it’s just not enough to have the best looking concealment holster on the market. Once in a while you’ve got to look at the problem from a different point of view and our customers told us they needed a material that could stand up to the toughest elements while being less expensive than leather. Well, we heard them.

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  • barnstormer37

    Well, that’s nice— but where can I buy one and what is the MSRP? I’d think that a contract with Cabela’s or Gander Mtn. or similar retailer would put them into direct competition with the likes of Uncle Mike’s and others. I don’t want leather, but can’t find where to buy the nylon version.

    • Chris Halleron

      Here’s the link to their website again, in case you missed it in the above text:


    • Steamboat

      The Ballistic Nylon version appears to be an option…at least it was for my S&W. There’s dropdown box under Material and Color for my version with the price at $39.95 + shipping. Again, it’s at their website.

  • Some1insc

    I wish I could get an answer from sneaky pete all I want to know is will a kimber ultra carry .45 with crimson trace work in there holster? But still no answer…..

  • Larry Baker

    I own a Bond Arms Derringer. Can I holster it in a Sneaky Pete?

  • Steamboat

    Just a head’s up on this line of holsters!

    I received a Sneaky Pete holster for my S&W J Model today. I ordered mine online directly from the Manufacturer and had it within 2 weeks.

    While not the ballistic nylon version, the quality of the leather used on my holster is excellent. The holster, while large, fit my S&W very well.

    HOWEVER…when withdrawing my firearm, the Kydex (plastic) retainer came out with the pistol. Needless to say, whatever glue they’re using to retain the plastic insert isn’t very good for its intended purpose (it appears to be SuperGlue based on the residue). I’ll be able to fix this with some proper application of a stronger glue (most likely Gorilla Glue) but it was disappointing nonetheless!

    In addition, the belt I ordered (size 42) was oversized (I’m on the last hole and it’s still a bit large) and the leather is soft and stretchy…not very stiff to support such a large holster…think I’ll use it as a dress belt and stick with my DeSantis holster for it’s support and fit.

    My recommendation is to think twice before ordering these items! If you can find a dealer, check it out before ordering.

  • Elva T. Asberry

    I purchased the holster, but it does not fit my 90 MM Smith & Wesson, Can I return it for one that will fit my 9 MM Smith & Wesson. Please reply, otherwise I will have a holster that I cannot use.
    Elva T. Asberry,

  • ralph

    ihave a pic 25 cal would it fit