Armalite: AWC Silencers Titan IV

TITAN IV Taking the next step in the evolution of…


Taking the next step in the evolution of the TITAN series micro suppressor, the smallest on the market, AWC has redesigned the tiny performer in a take-apart version. The TITAN IV with its take-apart design offers the same outstanding suppression performance of the earlier generations along with the added ability for end user maintenance thereby significantly extending the lifespan of the suppressor. Designed for use on small .22LR handguns such as the Beretta 21, it offers the smallest and lightest package available today. Manufactured in two versions, 100% titanium or 100% aircraft grade aluminum. The TITAN series is designed to be used with subsonic .22 LR ammunition for best performance but will handle standard and high velocity rounds.


* Caliber: .22LR
* Material: Titanium or Anodized Aluminum
* Dimensions: 4” overall length – 1” diameter
* Weight: AL – 2.5 oz. TI – 4.2 oz.
* TPI: ½ x 28
* Finish: Cerakote Black, FDE or OD
* Operation: Wet

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