Known for his survival skills and quick thinking, Survivorman, Les Stroud – used his own experiences in the wild to design the latest line of Camillus Knives, the Les Stroud Elite Series Ultimate Survival Knives.

Stroud, the Producer and star of Survivorman, which airs on the Outdoor Life Network Canada, the Discovery Channel and the Science Channel, channeled his own survival experiences to create the Elite Series in partnership with Camillus Knives. Each of the knives in the series is handcrafted in Spain with Olive Wood, renowned for its beauty and strength, and all are engineered with full tang 440c Stainless Steel blades.

Valiente – An overall length of 6.25″, the Valiente is a brut flxed blade hunter with a 3″ blade.

Aspero – The longest in the series with a length of 9″, the Aspero features a 4.5″ fixed blade and gut hook.

Fuerza – A large, fixed blade hunter with a 4.5″ blade and an overall length of 8.5″.

Coraje – This 8.75″ knife is designed with an ergonomic handle and 4.5″ fixed blade.

The Les Stroud Elite Series also includes the Fuego, the only knife in the series to feature a durable black micarta handle. In addition to the 3.25″ fixed blade, the 6.25″ Fuego also features a Magnesium Fire Starter – the perfect tool for any survivalist.

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