Viridian already has a well-established reputation for developing and popularizing weapon-mounted green lasers. The company’s full product line shows a very high level of quality and amazing innovation that shows no signs of slowing down. Its latest venture is not in lasers, however, but a new type of tactical weapon light. The exclusive Radiance light represents a radical breakthrough in this technology that dramatically increases the light’s effectiveness for law enforcement officers, fire/rescue personnel, homeowners and sportsmen.
Standard high-output tactical flashlights project a narrow beam that is most often circular in shape. However, in real life, we don’t see in circles. We scan side to side in a horizontal plane, where we expect to locate objects or identify threats. Unless Spiderman is burglarizing your home, you don’t need to illuminate the ceiling, and light that reveals low threat areas is essentially wasted.

The Radiance technology takes this standard light and adds a proprietary filter that reshapes it into a wide oval shape, narrowing the beam top to bottom and allowing a much wider field of view—over twice the width of a normal tactical light. The game-changing advantages should be immediately apparent, as the amount of time it takes to scan and clear a room for intruders or threats is cut in half.

Basically, any search in which you need a light—from hunting for lost persons to finding a blood trail in the woods— becomes a much easier and faster affair. Using the wide beam to track from side to side also is more instinctive and less disorienting for the user. With a wide horizontal beam, you can avoid developing tunnel vision or having to make fast scanning movements. Even if you do, the speed of moving the light will seem lessened because of the wide beam…


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