Dearborn Woman Scares Off Burglar

A man attempting to break into a home in Dearborn…

A man attempting to break into a home in Dearborn was scared off when the female homeowner called police.

A white male, approximately 20-25 years old, rang her doorbell and pounded on her front door. When she didn’t answer, the man walked to the side door and attempted to open the locked screen door. After pounding on the door a second time, the woman called police.

The woman told police that the man attempted to remove screens off two back windows but could not get into the house. When he heard the woman call police, he fled through the backyard toward Union Street.

A Dearborn K-9 unit tracked a scent from the house to a house on Union Street and discovered the front door was unlocked. Officers entered the house, but no one was inside. The case is closed pending further investigative leads.

The suspect has short blond hair and was wearing a gray T-shirt and black pants with writing on the waistband during the time of the incident, police said. He is approximately 5 feet 10 inches tall and 150 pounds.


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