We have taken the functionability of our Reactive 220 and multiplied it by three! Laser cut, AR500 steel that is also 100% galvanized, helping to prevent rusting and providing a great finish. The face plates fall back on impact, and the springs pop them right back up after being hit. No more going out into the field to re-position your target. These are 100% made in Tampa, Fl. The steel is purchased here, we create them, and the galvanizing is done here in Tampa as well. Grade 8 bolts throughout and the longest lasting springs on the market.

* Faceplates are 14″ high and 4″ wide at its widest part of the circle, 3/8″ thick
* Entire unit is 23″ long, 21″ high, and 23″ wide
* Weight: 35lbs

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