Tips On How To Protect Yourself From Home Invasions and Burglaries – VIDEO

In Charlotte, NC Niki Laney, mother of two children experienced…

In Charlotte, NC Niki Laney, mother of two children experienced her worst fear on a weekday morning, while home sick and asleep upstairs with her children. It all started, she said, with a seemingly innocent knock on the front door mid morning.

It’s every homeowner’s worst fear: being the victim of a home invasion. What would you do? Would you fight back? Hide?

“I didn’t answer it thinking it was satellite salesman,” said Laney.

Moments later, two men – one of the armed – kicked in her front door.

“I knew what was going on,” she recalled. “So I jump up, grab my house phone and run into my washroom.”

Laney grabbed the gun from a drawer in her laundry room but had no time to load any bullets.

“By the time I grabbed [the gun] like this, they were in my house,” she said. “And all I had to do was just jump behind this door here and just stand here in the dark.”

She hid until the men left after stealing her iPhone, jewelry and some cash.


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