IMPEL Tronics Extendable Flashlight

The 3 LED Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight can be stretched…

The 3 LED Extendable Telescoping Magnetic Flashlight can be stretched to almost 2’ just like a telescope. This capability allows the light to be placed in areas hard to reach. Just when you thought you couldn’t find and reach that hard to find object, now you can with ease. This Extendable Telescoping Magnetic LED Flashlight also has two magnets, one at each end.

The Product Includes:
* 3 LED Flashlight helps find your object
* Telescopes 6” to over 21” long for reaching
* Flexible LED Head for 360° directional rotation
* Magnetic Head for retrieving your object
* Magnetic Tail for retrieving even heavier objects
* Includes (4) LR44 Batteries to get you started
* Extra Set of Batteries for the long haul
* Pocket or Belt Clip for quick action
* Private Label with applicable MOQ
This amazing extendable magnetic LED flashlight offers rugged aluminum design!
Now when you need to find an object in a dark or hard to reach area, you can use this bright 3 LED flashlight. And if your object is magnetic you can retrieve it with either ends of the flashlight.

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